Naming & Branding

What’s In A Name?

Your brand name is at the heart of everything you do. It’s how the world identifies you and it’s a huge pain to change it later. So it’s important to get your name right, right from the start. When you have a great name, people will remember it, talk about it, and develop an emotional connection to your brand.

That’s where BLACKPRINT’s naming and branding service comes in. We can help you find a name that sets you apart from the rest and reflects the identity of your business, a name that people remember and fall in love with. We want to help you dream big.

Here’s How It Works

We handle all types of name development—we name companies, products, services, initiatives, events and even a boat or two. We can help you to find a name that sets you apart from the rest.
Our naming process creates striking names without breaking the bank and gets you launched faster. We provide a list with 10 custom-made name ideas. We also explain why we think each name suits your business or project. Results are delivered within 3 days and if you’re not satisfied we develop another set of 10 names based on your feedback.

1. Audit Phase

We get the scoop from you on what we’re naming. It takes just a few minutes to fill out our form and get started. Then we take an in-depth look at the information you provided and develop a naming strategy.

2. Creative Phase

Once we have a firm idea of who you are, what your challenges are, and where you are heading, we go to work. We put our thinking caps on and start brainstorming names — lots and lots of names.

3. Presentation Phase

The Top 10 most striking names that suit your buiness, product or project, are sent straight to your email. We also explain our thought process behind each name so you can see how they may come to life.

4. Wrap Up

The final decision is ultimately yours but we are here to help guide you. If you are not satisfied we will develop another set of 10 names based on your feedback.

Let’s Get Started

Beyond A Name

Whether you need to clear trademark hurdles, avoid a geographically confining or misleading name, or find a better company name with the exact matching .com domain name, we’ll work with your specific requirements, combine it with our naming expertise and produce brilliant names that work. Names can be prescreened for trademarks or linguistic connotation. After all, who wants to fall in love with a name only to find out it’s an insult to your mother in German.

Spaces We Work

Developing cutting edge technology or brewing the perfect mocha latte, BLACKPRINT understands your industry. Here are a few examples of the industries we cover.



Food & Beverage

Health & Beauty

Real Estate

Retail & Fashion

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Our process is flexible to fit your project, budget and timing.